Following you can find a guide on how to take care of your new tattoo. Please read carefully and follow as best as you can. Proper care will have a big influence on the healing process. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send me a mail to

Protective film
This film is a medical-grade adhesive barrier that will protect your new tattoo. Keep the second skin on for at least 5 days. Be patient. It will pay out. Don’t worry about the wound fluid and colour that will accumulate. This is totally normal. Usually taking a shower with your second skin on is no problem.
Sweating with protective film

Try to avoid sweating as best as you can while you are wearing the protective film. It will come off very easily but even worse: Sweat may cause problems with your fresh wound. If you can see a lot of bubbles and condensation going on remove the film immediately.


After getting a tattoo give your body some time to relax and recover. Sometimes it may not feel like a lot to get a new tattoo but your whole system is under a lot of stress. Resting will help keeping everything in balance.

Problems with the protective film

If the film starts peeling off, exposing parts of the tattoo, remove it completely. If it gets really hot, red or itchy please remove the film immediately.

The protective film peeled off too early

Keep the tattoo clean. Wash it regularly with clean hands and luke warm water and let it dry. Use ointment as instructed below. Whenever your tattoo needs protection use cling film temporarily. Do not keep it on for too long. Other than that try to keep it uncovered. Do not wear tight clothes.

Removing protective skin

Peel of the film as gently as possible. Use some water to help if you like. As soon as you removed the film wash the tattoo gently with luke warm water and let it dry. Once the tattoo is dry you can use the ointment.


You can use any panthenol ointment (for example Bepanthen) to take care of the fresh tattoo. Only use a very thin layer. During the first 2 weeks you should use the ointment about 3-4 times a day. After that you can use some ointment any time your tattoo feels dry. Keep it up as long as you think your skin needs support.


Usually with your protective film on it is no problem to take a shower. Once the protective film is removed you can take a regular shower. Don’t go too hot or too long. Try to avoid heavily scented products in the beginning.

Bathing, sauna, swimming

Please take a pause for at least 4 weeks.


If you want to be perfectly protective of your new tattoo you should give it a few weeks to heal. If you can’t wait please make sure to avoid pressure and friction on your new tattoo.


Protect your new tattoo from the sun. After your skin is completely healed you can use sunscreen to protect it which is highly recommended.


Avoid tight clothes in the beginning.

Itching and scabbing

It is totally normal that your tattoo will itch and scab. Do not scratch. Use ointment to relax the skin. If the itching is really bad use an ice cube to calm the skin down. It is very important to not pick the scabs. Just let your body do the work and be patient.

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