Thanks a lot for booking in with me. This means a lot and I am already looking forward to our appointment. To make the appointment as comfortable and safe as possible I need a little help from you. So following you can find some information I think might be useful. Please get back to me regarding any of these topics. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to get in contact with me.

Hamburg studio address
Gerhofstraße 38, 20354 Hamburg. Please look for the doorbell „Etage 2“.


Let me know your pronouns so I can address you properly.

Payment methods

You can either pay cash or via PayPal.


We will do the shaving in the studio to avoid skin irritation or cutting.

Numbing cream

Please do not use numbing cream as it can cause difficulties during the tattooing process.

Finding the perfect size and placement

We will take the time to figure out the perfect size and placement before we start tattooing. To me this is a very important step of the process and I ask you to take an active part in it. We will figure out what you like best. No rush and no pressure.

Private studio

Private studio means the studio is not open to the public. Only I am working there and no one else will enter the room during an appointment.

Bringing someone

You can bring a support person if you like but please keep in mind the studio is not too big.

Conscious space

As I do not know you I can not know what your needs are. So please feel free to tell me what I can do to make you feel safe and comfortable. What I can promise you in any case: If you enter the studio you will be treated with respect and there will be no judgement no matter what. (This will not be the case if you are a racist, sexist, homophobic…  or any kind of asshole. Please just stay away.)


I would like for nothing in the studio to happen without you agreeing to it. I do not want to assume so I will try to ask a lot of questions. I rely on what you are telling me so please speak out what you are thinking.


I try to do my very best to make your appointment as comfortable as possible. Anyhow the key is communicating properly. Please feel free to ask me anything at anytime. Please feel free to approach me with anything at anytime. I mean it. No reason to feel ashamed or insecure.


If there are topics that trigger you please let me know so I can avoid it.

Silent appointment

If you don’t feel like talking just let me know in advance. I will not ask for any explanation.

Wearing headphones

If you want to listen to music during the session please feel free to do so.


In general go for comfortable. If you are unsure about what to wear for our appointment please get in contact with me. Especially if you are thinking about a tattoo on a more intimate part of the body. There are a few tricks to make it more comfortable.

First tattoo

Sleep and eat well before your appointment. If you get a bigger tattoo bring snacks and drinks. Wear comfortable clothing. Ask me anything you want to know upfront, during or after the appointment.


If you book in with me you will be asked to pay a 50 Euro deposit. If you show up to your appointment these 50 Euros will be subtracted from the overall amount. Nontheless if you cancel your appointment within 48 hours before the planned appointment there will be no refund. If you asked for a custom design and I started drawing already there will also be no option of refund.


The studio is located in the second floor without an elevator so please be aware there are a lot of steps to take.